Book Recommendations

I read and review a lot of books. You already know this. I have been pleased to find that other Christians able to benefit from my love of reading through these reviews. I’ve received a lot of encouragement from people who have purchased books based on my recommendation and have been blessed by them. It has always been my purpose to help put good books in the hands of believers while helping them avoid ones that just aren’t worth reading. It is great to see this happen!

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On occasion I’ve been told that people have difficulty navigating the large number of reviews on my blog (there are, after all, several hundred reviews now). To alleviate that problem, I have created a mini-site in which I have categorized and listed the reviews of books I recommend. Do note that in this section I have listed only books that I recommend (and hence I will not list books I do not recommend). Each book has a link to and a link to my review of that title. I hope and trust you will find this beneficial. I intend to make regular updates to this section, so please check back regularly.

If you are looking for a wider variety of reviews written by more people than just me, consider visiting another of my sites, Discerning Reader.

Because Christmas is coming and many people buy books for others, I have created a couple of lists of Christmas suggestions you may find helpful (books for non-readers and books for unbelievers).

You can visit the mini-site at