Day Thirty Two – Using What God Gave You

Because today is Sunday, this is an abbreviated look at day thirty two of The Purpose Driven Life.

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Warren continues his discussion about finding my SHAPE. He gives several pointers to help in discovering this. First, I need to begin by assessing my gifts and abilities. One of the best ways of doing this is by asking those around me, especially those who know me well, what they think my abilities are. An outside opinion is of great value. Another good way to learn is by experimenting, and I alluded to this yesterday. Second, I need to consider my heart and personality by asking what I enjoy the most and what makes me feel most alive. Third, I need to examine my experiences and extract the lessons I have learned. When I have found my shape I need to accept it and accept myself for who God has made me. Then I need to enjoy my shape and continue to develop it.

Bible Passages

Warren quotes the Bible twenty two times using ten translations and paraphrases. Generally he quotes with accuracy and within the proper context.

Point to Ponder

Today’s point to ponder is “God deserves my best.” I have spent some time thinking about this recently, and though I agree that God deserves my best effort, I don’t think that is my primary obligation to Him. The Bible says that “to obey is better than sacrifice.” This says to me that my best is good, but obedience is better. I can do my best for God in things that He has not called me to do, but I am better off ensuring that I am doing the things God has really purposed for me to do. Of course I then need to do those things with excellence. The point is, doing an excellent job of something that is outside of my purpose will not please God as much as me doing the best I can at what He truly wants me to do.

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Tomorrow’s topic is How Real Servants Act