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Fetal Murder and Objective Truth

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Last Friday I wrote an article I entitled Pronoun Predicaments and Gender Confusion. My readers will be happy to know, I’m sure, that I have not yet claimed my right (not a privilege, but a right!) to determine that I would like to be female. In that article I quoted Al Mohler who wrote about a bizarre relationship between a transexual and “her” wife. I could attempt to explain it, but I’m sure it is far easier for you to read the article yourself. Mohler said, “this case represents the convoluted complications that ensure when the Creator’s gift of gender becomes an experiment in self-expression rather than a focus of objective identity.”

In the news today was another story which grabbed my attention and reminded me of this. FoxNews is reporting a case in which a man received a life sentence for causing his girlfriend to miscarry her two fetuses. He was charged with two counts of murder. “Gerardo Flores received an automatic life sentence because prosecutors did not seek the death penalty, which was available under the state’s 2003 fetus protection law.”

I am sure most of my readers would agree with me when I applaud the Texas court system for finding this man guilty and for imposing such a harsh sentence. He truly is a murderer and deserves to be punished as such.

But there is more to the story. “Erica Basoria, 17, acknowledged asking Flores to help end her pregnancy; she could not be prosecuted because of her legal right to abortion.” A woman in Texas cannot be charged for causing the deaths of her own unborn children for any reason. After about four months of pregnancy, this young girl decided she did not want to keep her babies and began trying to bring about a miscarriage. She started jogging, and when that did not work, began to beat on her stomach. Finally she asked her boyfriend for help and he stepped on her stomach on several occasions before she finally had a miscarriage. According to another article, “Testimony alleged both may have wanted a miscarriage so the babies wouldn’t infringe on college and social plans.”

The girl received no punishment and was, in fact, not even charged with a crime. The boyfriend will spend his life in prison.

This is a grave and shocking example of what has become of Truth in this postmodern society of ours. A woman has the right to destroy the lives of her unborn children and can even request help with impunity. But when she receives help, her boyfriend is locked away for the rest of his life and she walks away a free woman. Had she sought the help of a professional, there would have been no crime. “Texas law defines an embryo or fetus as an “individual” and allows criminal prosecution or civil action for a preventable injury or death of a fetus. The law exempts health care providers who perform a legal medical procedure, such as an abortion.”

So there we have it. Texas law has dictated what is legal murder and what is not. Where is the objective Truth that murder is murder, no matter who commits it? Clearly this Truth has been suppressed and has been made a matter of choice and preference.

Now I do not mean to say that the boyfriend’s sentence was too harsh. On the contrary, according to biblical standards, his sentence is too light! The Scriptures show that he forfeited his right to life when he took the lives of those unborn children. But what of the girl? She is as much responsible for this murder as he is! Had these children been murdered four months after birth instead of four months after conception, she would also be looking at a life behind bars. But instead she is free.

This case showcases “convoluted complications” much like those inherent in tampering with the Creator’s gift of gender. When our society willfully tampers with God’s gift of life, the law will (and indeed must) be filled with this type of irrationality and contradiction.

“The case was tragic, just two kids in love making mistakes,” said Flores’ defense attorney. The case is tragic indeed. While the two kids made a grave mistake, the greater mistake was made by the state of Texas.

You can read a local reporter’s take on the story here.

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