Headlines (December 5)

Lesbian Minister Defrocked – Like most Christians, I was happy to see the United Methodist Church enforce their rules about practicing homosexuals in ministry by Beth Stroud. Of course part of me wonders how much it really matters when that same denomination allows so many other violations of God’s clear laws, but at least it seems to be a step in the right direction. The vote was close, with 7 people voting to defrock her and 6 voting against. Her congregation says that they will continue to allow her to perform almost all of her duties with the exception of celebrating baptism and communion.

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SBC & Education – There seems to be growing frustration among Southern Baptists with America’s public school system. Many parents are insisting that if God has to be absent from the classroom then their children will be as well. “What has happened is not so much that the Christians are leaving the public schools as that the public schools have left the Christians.” In the past eight years over 600 Southern Baptist schools have been created with many more families opting to homeschool their children. Yahoo has more.

Sports? Idolatry? You Decide! – Some churches in Green Bay are looking at rearranging their Christmas Eve services because the Packers are playing at 2 PM on that day. This time conflicts with many services, so several churches have rearranged their schedules to ensure the service is complete in plenty of time for people to get home before kickoff. Milwaukee’s Journal Sentinel has the story.

Enjoy Your Lord’s Day – And those are just a few of the headlines for today. I wish you a blessed Lord’s Day and hope you have a wonderful time of worship and learning as you attend church today.