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You’ve faced some hard questions if you’ve ever worked or volunteered at a church.

• What do you do when a debate breaks out in a Bible study?
• How do you keep your church together when you hear rumors of a split?
• How do you respond when a VBS kid from an unbelieving family asks about the difference between boys and girls?
• How do you practice Christian hospitality during a global pandemic?

You could probably make your own list of challenging issues.

Books are helpful, but it’s tough to flip through hundreds of pages to find a specific answer relevant to your situation. What if there was a better solution?

What if you could ask advice from a community of experienced, like-minded believers? What if you could also access practical podcasts and videos by leading Christian thinkers? And when you need a book, what if you could buy it with an exclusive discount?

Introducing Ministry Network.

Try it for free today. Join hundreds of believers sharing encouragement, enjoying videos and podcasts, reading wonderfully affordable books, and learning to navigate the joys and trials of church life together.

Still a little skeptical? Listen to what our members are saying:

“After taking an extended break from social media, I found out about Ministry Network. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for: networking, ministry tips, encouragement, prayer requests, and mutual upbuilding! It feels like social media minus the usual bantering and in-fighting that often characterizes Facebook and Twitter.”

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To sample our podcast content, listen to our discussion with Rosaria Butterfield on Christian hospitality. It’s available on your favorite podcasting channels, including Apple and Spotify. You can also watch the video below.

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