KfaW – Provocations & Pantings

King for a Week is an honor I bestow on blogs that I feel are making a valuable contribution to my faith and the faith of other believers…or sometimes just because I really like them. It is a way of introducing my readers to blogs that they may also find interesting and edifying. Every two weeks (or so. That is theoretical. Practically, I don’t get around to updating as often as I should!) I select a blog, link to it from my site, and add that site’s most recent headlines to my right sidebar. While this is really not much, I do feel that it allows me to encourage and support other bloggers while making the readers of this blog aware of other good sites.

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This week’s King for a Week is Provocations & Pantings, the blog of Timmy Brister. Unlike many of the people whom I’ve highlighted in this column, Timmy is a guy I’ve met a few times and whose company I greatly enjoy. When I find myself in Louisville, Kentucky (where Timmy makes his home as he studies at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) I always try to ensure that he and I get to spend a bit of time together. His blog tends to focus on theology and its practical application. Being in a Southern Baptist hotbed, he tends also to discuss things that are of interest to Southern Baptists. Always grace-filled and always concerned with the gospel, I’ve come to respect Timmy and to enjoy what he writes.

In the coming days you will be able to see the most recent headlines from this blog in the sidebar of my site. I hope you will make your way over to the site and look around.