‘Passion’ poised for heavenly B.O.

An interesting article on Yahoo News which you can read in full here.

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Though not a single television ad has aired for “The Passion of the Christ” two weeks before its release, Mel Gibson (news)’s depiction of the crucifixion of Jesus is eclipsing mainstream Hollywood fare in audience interest…Total awareness for “Passion” is 60%, but much higher among men and women over 25, where it tops 80%. First-choice ratings for men and women over 25 is 23%, while it is rated around 10% for those under 25.

Though industry execs anticipate a big opening, they disagree on how it’ll play long term…One exec predicted, “I personally think it’s going to do $100 million-plus.”…Others, though, are more cautious. “I don’t think there will be any repeat business,” said one. “Everybody will say I’ve done my religious duty after they’ve seen it one time.”