The Collected Best Christian Books of 2018

For the past couple of weeks my RSS feeder has been humming with list after list of the best books of 2018 (or, if not the best, the favorite books of 2018). It seems that just about every avid reader I follow is eager to share his or her picks for the year that was. I love these lists and decided I’d compile them to look for patterns and repeats. Here, then, are the collected best Christian books of 2018. Each one of these is from a blog or web site I read regularly.

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We will begin with the titles that found their way onto at least 3 best-0f lists:

This year there was little overlap with the best-of lists, so I thought I would also give mention to some books that ended up onto 2 best-of lists:

If you are looking for something to read or something to buy for a gift, you probably can’t go wrong with any of them!

And now here are each of lists of the best Christian books of 2018. You can visit the sites to read the rationales or to purchase the books. Alternatively, I’ve supplied links to Amazon. Please note that I am simply listing these books without endorsing them. In the majority of cases I have not read them!

The Gospel Coalition (read their reviews)

Trevin Wax (read his reviews)

Bob Kellemen (read his reviews)

(Bob focuses exclusively on books for counseling.)

Darryl Dash (read his reviews)

Gentle Reformation (read their reviews)

David Qaoud (read his reviews)

David Steele (read his reviews)

Andrew Bunt (read his reviews)

The Good Book Blog (read their reviews)

Jared Wilson (read his reviews)

Tony Reinke (read his reviews)

Christine Hoover (read her reviews)

Kevin DeYoung (read his reviews)

Christianity Today  (read their reviews)

For the Church (read their reviews)

WORLD magazine (read their reviews)