The Passion of the Christ & The Second Commandment

I found the following article posted over at He Lives. I had intended to go searching for just such an article today, so thanks David for saving me the Google time.

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It was not until I had finished reading that I noticed it was written by a close friend of my parents who is also a former pastor of mine. The article looks at the second commandment and then draws examples of violations of it from Old Testament times. He also discusses God’s appearances as a man and other valid points.

Read it here.

Pastor Gleason draws three conclusions. I definitely agree with the first (that the O.T. Law still has relevance today) and the third (that the Word, baptism and Lord’s Supper are sufficient for us today). The second (New Testament Christians are still prohibited from making any image of the deity—even in a movie or in art) will take some more thought.

Whether you agree with the conclusions or not, the article is very well-written and researched and definitely worth reading.