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Books I Recommend: Men and Masculinity

This is a selection of books on the subject of men and masculinity.

Top Recommendation

The Men We Need by Brant Hansen.

At a time when masculinity is viewed as a liability more than an asset, as something that is more likely to harm the world than help it, Brant Hansen describes and celebrates a form of masculinity that is good, pure, and true—a form of masculinity that will serve families, serve the church, and serve the world. He calls men to embrace it and display it in their lives. It turns out that in this time of confusion, The Men We Need is exactly the book we need.

Other Recommendations

The Manual by Al Stewart. Al Stewart’s The Manual is a book to men, for men, and about men—a book about masculinity. And it’s a really good one.

Reclaiming Masculinity by Matt Fuller. Fuller’s burden in this book is to provide a positive vision of masculinity—to offer an answer to the question “What kind of man does God want you to be?”

The Toxic War on Masculinity by Nancy Pearcey. Nancy Pearcey’s great concern is not the toxicity of masculinity itself, but the toxicity of the war against it.