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Books I Recommend: Heaven & Hell

The doctrines of heaven and hell have come into increasing importance amidst the rise of a whole class of “heaven tourism” books. Here are some recommended books that look at the truth about heaven and hell.


  • Biblical Teaching on the Doctrines of Heaven and Hell by Edward Donnelly – Behind the uninspiring title is an excellent book on heaven and hell.
  • Heaven on Earth by Derek Thomas. Thomas brings Scripture where so many rely on experience, he brings clarity where so many are confused, he offers hope where so many are downcast. Best of all, he preaches gospel where so many rely on works.
  • The Glory of Heaven by John MacArthur – MacArthur goes beyond the heaven tourism books to show what the Bible actually says about heaven. This book is now in its second edition.
  • Not Home Yet by Ian K. Smith. This one essentially asks whether the ultimate home for God’s people will be heaven or earth, something entirely new to our experience or something familiar.
  • Jesus Wins by Dayton Hartman. This is a bit more about the End Times than heaven or hell, but still very helpful.

Here are a couple I have read and recommend, even though I have not reviewed them:

  • Heaven by Randy Alcorn – Alcorn dives deep into the doctrine of heaven and answers almost every question you could ask.
  • We Shall See God by Randy Alcorn – Here Alcorn goes to the sermons of the great Charles Spurgeon to provide powerful devotional thoughts on heaven.