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Books I Recommend: The Cross

The Christian life is a cruciform, a cross-shaped life. That being the case, Christians need to constantly meditate on the gospel. Here are several recommendations for books on the subject of the cross.

Top Recommendation

The Cross He Bore by Frederick Leahy. This is my all-time favorite book on the cross; it is meditative and ideal for reading one short chapter per day.

Sometimes I read a book that has come with such numerous and lofty recommendations that really it can only be disappointing. Having heard so much about how the book will change my life and cause my faith to grow in leaps and bounds, I have often found the reality to be disappointing. Conversely, sometimes a book comes unhyped and unheralded and takes my heart and mind by storm. Such is the case with The Cross He Bore by Frederick Leahy.

Other Recommendations

The Truth of the Cross by R.C. Sproul – A short but powerful work.

Man of Sorrows, King of Glory by Jonty Rhodes focuses on the humiliation and exaltation of Jesus Christ.

The Cross of Christ by John Stott – This is a classic book every Christian would do well to read.

The Cross-Centered Life by C.J. Mahaney – This is Mahaney’s best work about living in light of the gospel.

Blood Work by Anthony Carter – Here is a book that calls the reader not only to understand the cross, but also to marvel and to worship before it.