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Books I Recommend: The Gospel

It has been a joy in recent years to see a great swell of interest in the gospel and what it means to live as if the gospel is true. Here are some of the best books on the gospel.

The Gospel by Ray Ortlund. Ortlund says, “The purpose of this book … is simple. I want to show how Christ puts his beauty into our churches by his gospel. That explains the title of this book: The Gospel: How the Church Portrays the Beauty of Christ. Beauty is powerful. Our churches long for it. You and I long for it. And we can help our churches see it. We possess, in the gospel alone, God’s wonder-working resources for the display of Christ among us. As you I read, I hope you find yourself thrilled with the beauty of Christ.”

Hidden in the Gospel by William Farley. Farley teaches the importance of understanding and celebrating a very broad view of the gospel, one that extends from God’s electing love all the way to the sure hope of eternity. And then he shows how those truths, when rightly understood, can be preached to yourself day by day, all throughout your life.