Book Review – Robert E. Lee: The Christian


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In writing Robert E. Lee: The Christian, William J. Johnson sifted through hundreds of letters written to and from Lee as well as accounts written of him, seeking to find evidence of this Civil War general’s faith. Having found evidence, the author concludes that Lee’s correspondance “reveals him as a man who lived in the presence of God; who looked to God continually for guidance and strength; whose mind and heart were saturated with faith and trust in God.”

This book is not a biography. Rather, it is a collection of hundreds of quotes taken from Lee’s letters, mostly those written to his family, but also ones he wrote to his superiors, subordinates and friends. Lee’s words outnumber the author’s by a large margin, likely four to one or even higher. J

A little dry, but well worth reading for Civil War enthusiasts.

Title: Robert E. Lee: The Christian
Author: William J. Johnson
Published: Unknown

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  • Robert E. Lee
  • Robert E. Lee Christian
  • Civil War

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