Book Review Updates

This is your weekly notification of the reviews I’ve added to Discerning Reader. This week I’ve written four reviews and Scott Lamb has contributed one as well. The reviews are as follows:

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From Alister McGrath comes The Dawkins Delusion?, a rather brilliant response to Richard Dawkins’s bestselling The God Delusion which I reviewed last week. McGrath is probably one of the Christians best-suited to write a response and he does not disappoint. If you’ve read The God Delusion be sure to follow it up with this book. It makes an interesting study to read them both back-to-back. Of course I’ve also posted this review here.

Francis Collins’s The Language of God has been raising a lot of attention and ruffling more than a few features. While I’ve written about it here before, I’ve posted a new review of it at Discerning Reader. It really is an enjoyable read, though one that must be approached with a Bible in one hand and this book in the other.

From Al Mohler’s list of recommended summer reading I plucked, among other titles, The Republic of Pirates, the true story of the rise of the Caribbean pirate. Though not the kind of book that is going to change anyone’s life, it makes for an interesting and informative read, bring a touch of realism to a much-misunderstood and much-dramatized era of history. It’s a great choice for vacation reading.

And finally, Girl Soldier is the story of Grace Akallo, who as a young girl was forced into service in Uganda. It is, as we might expect, an ugly story. Unfortunately I found it more than a little disappointing and would recommend one of the other similar books instead.

And from the pen of Scott Lamb comes A Theology for the Church, a new volume edited by Daniel Akin. Scott says, “Dr. Mohler once challenged Christians to have a “thick theology, not a thin theology”. If getting “thick theology” derived from faithful exegesis of Scripture is your desire, then this “thick” book is a great place to begin.”

And that’s it for now. Next week I’ll have a review of the latest book from that prolific church historian Stephen Nichols and will review Misquoting Truth, Timothy Paul Jones’s response to the bestselling Misquoting Jesus.