Book Review Updates

As you know by now, Tuesdays are review days over at Discerning Reader. And this week, like most weeks, we’ve added four new ones. Two were written by me and two were written by others.

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From reviewer Scott Lamb comes a review of a book edited by Tom Nettles and Russell Moore and targetted squarely at Baptists. Scott encourages you to pick up a copy of Why I am a Baptist and to join in the conversation about the importance of getting this subject right. Meanwhile, Colin Adams reviews Dennis Johnson’s Him We Proclaim, a book that teaches the importance of preaching Christ from all of Scripture. “Johnson both defends and promotes Christ centered preaching, and does so apologetically, theoretically and practically.” Colin recommends the book to any preacher.

I wrote reviews of Manhunt, an excellent book that has spent a good bit of time on the New York Times list of bestsellers and a book that would be a great addition to any summer reading list (and a review I also posted here). Finally, I wrote a review of Douglas Wilson’s Letter from a Christian Citizen which is a response to Sam Harris’ bestselling Letter to a Christian Nation. Mr. Wilson was kind enough to allow me to interview him about this book and you can read that interview right here.

Next week we’ll have reviews of Family Driven Faith by Voddie Baucham (and an interview with the author), Jesus the Evangelist by Richard Phillips and a couple of other titles. Stay tuned!