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  • Aging Gracefully

    Aging Brings Life-Shaping Decisions

    I remember watching the commercial as a child. A man dressed for work sprints after a moving bus, trying desperately to flag it down before it drives off without him. In a flash, he is transported to a beach where he meets his future self, jogging under the morning sun. His future self looks over…

  • Aging Gracefully

    Greater Age Brings Greater Responsibility

    Aging is a universal reality in this world, for as time progresses, we progress with it. Aging brings many sorrows as we face greater exposure to the sin that lives within us and the sin that pollutes everything around us. Aging also brings many joys as we experience God’s rich blessings, and especially as we…

  • With Greater Age Comes Greater Joy

    With Greater Age Comes Greater Joy

    We were made to exist within time, to age as we progress through the years allotted to us. As we age, we experience tremendous sorrows—the sorrows of weakness, weariness, reaping, mortality, and fear. But we do not experience only sorrows. We experience joys as well. Some of these extend to believer and unbeliever alike, but…

  • With Greater Age Comes Greater Sorrow

    Our only experience of aging is within this sinful world. We don’t know what aging would have looked like if this world had remained unsullied by sin. We do know, however, that aging would have still occurred. Before God created people, God created time. So God created people to exist within time and pass through…

  • Aging Gracefully

    Aging Gracefully

    Every day, we are all building the house we will live in when old age comes. Some of us are building a beautiful palace. Some are building a dark prison. What are you building? Perhaps you are building a house that will prove beautiful and comfortable through the long winter of your old age. You…