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  • Scum of the Earth Church

    What’s In A Name? Here’s an original name for a church: Scum of the Earth Church. “It doesn’t sound like a church name … on purpose. We really want to connect with people who have no interest in “church” by society’s definition. There are plenty of churches for “normal people” and we think we have…

  • Meet Maryanne

    My oldest little sister. You may already have met my sister Susanna from the time or two I’ve linked to her blog. Today she is writing about Maryanne (who was born three(ish) years after me and three(ish) years before Susanna). You can read about her here.

  • How to Play Outdoors

    Have children forgotten? An excellent commentary by Al Mohler. Read it here. “Author Richard Louv believes that America’s children are now suffering from a syndrome he identifies as “nature-deficit disorder.” In his new book, Last Child in the Woods, Louv suggests that the current generation of American children knows the Discovery Channel better than their…

  • Searching For The Spiritual

    Newsweek article. On Sunday I wrote about a Newsweek article about spirituality in America. Ingrid Schlueter and Albert Mohler have written about it too. EDIT – Kaleobill chimes in as well.

  • A New Slice…

    …of Laodicea Ingrid has re-launched her web site, now at The design was done by yours truly, and I’m absolutely thrilled with how it came out.

  • Aileen’s Auctions

    CD Racks and more… Aileen has a little eBay business going where she sells new CD Racks, DVD Racks, and so on. She has some pretty amazing products. If you’re in the market for some storage, why not check it out.

  • Solo Femininity

    By Carolyn McCulley Carolyn McCulley, of Sovereign Grace Ministries, has a blog. I’m not sure why I didn’t realize this sooner. The ladies may want to bookmark this one. You can find her at Solo Femininity.

  • The Gospel According to Rick Warren

    By Gary Gilley. Gary Gilley has written a fantastic article for the latest Think on These Things newsletter. Entitled “The Gospel According to Rick Warren” it points out some of the inconsistencies with Warren’s ministry. The article is an excerpt from the revised edition of Gilley’s excellent little book, This Little Church Went To Market.…

  • Basic Doctrine Quiz

    Courtesy White Horse Inn. White Horse Inn has a basic doctrine quiz you may enjoy. I’m proud to say that I got a perfect score on it (it is, after all, basic). You can try it out here. Here are some sample questions: 1. Jesus was God, but only appeared to be human. 2. Jesus…

  • Sober Minded

    A site worth reading. Jeri, who has been reading this site as long as anyone, has updated her site Sober Minded and dedicated it to the memory of her son Joseph who died last year at the age of 23. You can read about Joe by visiting her site and clicking on the button at…

  • Da Shizzle BAM Bizzle

    Find out why Phil Johnson would say “Da Shizzle BAM Bizzle.” Phil Johnson continues his well-spoken tirade against people who will peddle just about anything in the name of Jesus. It’s enough to make the discerning Christian sick to his stomach.

  • Greg Koukl on Abanes

    Greg Koukl of Stand To Reason responds to Richard Abanes. Richard Abanes, in an interview at A-Team blog, said, “And people who have made such false accusations need to be held accountable, especially the more influential critics of Warren such as John MacArthur, Todd Wilken, and Greg Koukl—three men whose ministries have done a great…

  • Book Reviews Collection cover image

    Book Review – Guidance and the Voice of God

    Guidance and the Voice of God is one of several books I have read recently that discusses the way God speaks to and guides His children. I have turned to these books in response to the words I hear all around me in modern Christianity. People continually ask God to speak to us in circumstances…