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Jeri, who has been reading this site as long as anyone, has updated her site Sober Minded and dedicated it to the memory of her son Joseph who died last year at the age of 23. You can read about Joe by visiting her site and clicking on the button at the top right.

“I hope you will listen. I hope that you will begin to sober up, mentally, physically and spiritually, by taking heed to the very words and commandments of God from the pages of Scripture, applying them to your life and determining to give over all your thoughts, hopes, dreams and desires to Jesus Christ. It’s a day-by-day, often a moment-by-moment undertaking, and not for the faint of heart. Yet the very One who has commanded us is also the One who will give us the power to live lives that please Him, and in so doing, bring health, hope and healing to the ones we love.”