A Note About When Good Men Are Tempted

A few weeks ago I read and reviewed the book When Good Men Are Tempted. It is a book that deals with sexual purity, attempting to both explain the cause and the solution to the struggle every man faces. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and gave it a recommendation.

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Yesterday the author, Bill Perkins, happened across this site and posted his thanks for the review as well as some information about his new project, Six Battles Every Man Must Win.

I just read your review of my book and thought you did a good job. I appreciated the balanced evaluation and understand your search for a magic wand that will cause the problem of lust to disappear—or something like that. Anyway, if you find that wand, please email me because I talk to a lot of guys who would love to use it. By the way, the strategies I suggest men use actually work when they’re implemented. Identifying rituals and getting rid of them, connecting with a few friends, and of course, tapping into God’s grace. The problem I’ve seen is once a ritual is removed, another one may grow in its place. It’s an ongoing battle in a changing world. When I was in seminary someone asked Dr. Pentecost (great name for a seminary professor) if men ever reach an age when they don’t’ struggle with sexual lust. He said, “I asked Dr. Lincoln that question last week. He’s 85 and said he didn’t know.” After the laughter died down, he then said, “I’m only 65 and don’t know yet either.” I’ve got a new book coming out that I think will help men: Six Battles Every Man Must Win.

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read my book and provide your readers a summary.

The new book is based on the story of David’s mighty men.

I, of course, had to respond with “If I do find the magical key to removing lust you can rest assured that I will not simply let you know. I will first trademark it, have some pens, t-shirts and posters made up, turn it into a 40 day program and create a study guide for it.” After all, sooner or later I need to get the Christian marketing machine working for me!