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A Relative God?

Are men and women supposed to relate to God differently?

It seems to me that much of the women’s books in your average Christian bookstore these days attempt to make God out to be the ultimate Man. He is the one who is always there to listen and understand. His shoulders are always available for them to cry on when they are having a tough time with life. He loves them in a deep and almost romantic way…

Men, of course, have no desire to view God as a shoulder to cry on or one who loves them in a deep and romantic way. For men God is the ultimate Friend – one who will be there when we want to hike deep into the mountains or when the stress of work is beating us down. He is the one who loves us in a deep but completely platonic way – who gives us a good, affectionate punch in the shoulder when we happen to be feeling down.

The question is…are we supposed to view God differently? Does God meet different needs for men and women? Is there any Biblical justification for treating God differently?

Any thoughts you may have would be appreciated…

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