Albert Mohler on Larry King Tonight

First off, I’d like to take an opportunity to clarify something about the article I posted this morning. My friend Paul Martin posted a comment here and at his blog (and at Justin Taylor’s blog, for that) where he warned against making the issue of watching the film The End of the Spear an issue of clear, biblical right or wrong.

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“In issues like this one, it our duty to think in the realm of revealed truth (“true Truth”) and ask of the Biblical text which Scriptures inform our decision as to whether or not to watch the film. Reading through the comments, some Scriptures are mentioned, but there is very little in the way of direct application…”

Paul is right. None of the Apostles took the time to tell us whether or not to watch movies led by homosexual actors. This, as with many areas, requires thought and falls into an issue of conscience.

I sometimes take for granted that people understand this web site to be my reflections on life and the results of what happens when I wrestle with an issue. I did not mean for my article to say, “You are evil if you watch The End of the Spear” or “A good Christian wouldn’t see it.” I merely meant to reflect on some of the deeper issues beyond simply whether or not the movie does a good job of portraying some Christian heroes. If people understand the deeper issues behind the film and pause to reflect on them, I think we’ll all be better for it. I agree with Paul when he says “It seems to me that the worst thing that could happen is that our endorsement or rejection would harm the unity we share in Christ.” We musn’t let peripheral issues like this divide us. At the same time, it does benefit us to consider and wrestle with them.

And now the real reason I posted this afternoon:

Albert Mohler is scheduled to be a guest tonight on Larry King Live (on CNN, of course). He will be discussing the film Brokeback Mountain. According to the show’s description, “The debate over gay love and marriage heats up with “Brokeback Mountain’s” big night. Gays face off with religious conservatives. Tune in at 9 p.m. ET.” Thanks to Justin Taylor for the tip. Let’s pray that the Spirit empowers Dr. Mohler to share the truth and to present the gospel to those who tune in this evening.