Babywise & Other Ezzo Nonsense

Just a few weeks ago I had no idea who Garry Ezzo was and how controversial his childraising programs are. I had looked over his book “Growing Kids God’s Way” but had never really read it. Then Matt Hall posted about Babywise and a little bit about the controversy. This article drew me especially and I was amazed to see that this Babywise stuff is very nearly a cult!

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If you’re interested in the subject, TulipGirl has some great articles that describe her own experience with it as well as the experiences of some other women. All their stories sound eerily similar as they come to the realization that what they thought was helping their child was in reality starving their child.

This Babywise thing sounds like yet another substandard Christian version of a secular program. Filled with bad theology, terrible exegesis (God forsook Jesus on the cross and in so doing provided the ultimate example of why parents should leave their children to cry) and bearing just enough resemblance to a Christian program to keep people happy, it draws in millions of Christians.

So if you are interested in the program, I would highly recommend reading through those resources before committing yourself (and your child)!