Doug over at Coffeeswirls keeps trying to beg people into subscribing to some offer so he can get his free iPod. I believe I am the last remaining blogger in the world who has not tried to get people to buy or subscribe to something so that I could get an iPod. So please, someone sign up for BMG or get a free three-month subscription to Horse & Rider Magazine so Doug can move on to other, more important things (like his Tuesday NFL wrap-ups)! Now just so you don’t get the impression that I am more virtuous than my fellow bloggers, I’ll point out that the iPod offer is not available outside of the US of A, so I do not qualify. If I did qualify I would likely be begging you to sign up for something on my behalf.

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David of JollyBlogger fame is having a Sola Scriptura week. If this is a doctrine you are not familiar with or if you would like to know more about it, you might do well to head over to his site and do some reading. If you’re looking for something really deep, you could try heading over to Monergism and taking a look at their Sola Scriptura section.

I don’t point people in the direction of Rebecca’s Blog often enough. She is one of the most dedicated bloggers around and writes some of the most Scriptural articles you’ll find. Her series about the purposes of Christ’s death is a great place to start.

I have been following (with some degree of interest) the saga of Summer White, who is James White’s young daughter. She was assigned a high school project (a letter to the President) in which she did a very good job but received a failing grade, and the obvious reason was that the teacher did not agree with her Christian worldview. You can read the description of the project and Summer’s letter here. To read the original post on the topic, click here and scroll down to the entry for September 22. Note to James White: Permalinks are a good thing! Apparently there has been some uproar about this letter and through various contacts, Summer’s letter has been hand-delivered to the White House, so it should be interesting to see what transpires. Go read through the whole scenario – it is quite entertaining!

I have some articles underway for next week. Things have been a bit slow on my blog for the past few days and I apologize for that. Sometimes it seems that real life gets in the way of blogging.