BlogSwap 3 – Open Assignment (Part 2)

I received a late entry so am going to post it here. This one comes from my buddy James from What Is This.

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Email From God: Depend on Me

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever – Hebrews 13:8

My Child,

A lot of adults you know probably run their lives based on their feelings. Maybe they’ve been taught to believe that being true to their feelings means they are being true to themselves. But think about it. Feelings are the most unpredictable, undependable, things in the world.

If the gauges in your car registered your feelings, one minute your engine would be running hot, and the next minute, cold. One minute the gauge would show a full tank of gas, and the next minute you would be on empty.

But My character, My strength, and My love are unchangeable. I love you today and that is never going to change. It’s so much better to run your life based on the steady, unchangeable gauges of Who I am and how much I love you. Depend on me.

Your Father,