BlogSwap Debrief

Well, I think the first BlogSwap went exceptionally well. We had eight participants and all but one (I’m looking at you, Ochuk) posted the article that was sent to them. Hopefully that one other guy will do so shortly!

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What I am excited about are things like this. Click the link and you’ll see a blogger who seems to have regularly read Coffeeswirls but through the BlogSwap has found a new site to add to his list (though I’m uncertain if he’s referring to this site or to Why I Am Really Here). Furthermore, he has indicated interest in participating in the next BlogSwap. So that is exactly what I was hoping would happen. I have already have five or six new people ask to participate in BlogSwap 2, so things are looking good!

Would anyone like to suggest a topic for BlogSwap 2? My original idea was to provide fairly “strict” topics for the first two or three BlogSwaps and then begin to relax the topics as time goes on…