Challenging James White

Yesterday I was chatting with James White and he remarked that I am one of his competitors for Best Apologetics Blog at the Evangelical Blog Awards. He then asked why if we are inline for the same award, radio host Chuck Crismier asked White to go on his show to defend Perseverance of the Saints instead of me. I assume it is because Chuck just wants a good argument, not to actually become a Calvinist himself.

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Anyways, I suggest that White and I settle this like gentlemen. I challenge James White to a moderated, written debate on any of the following topics, provided that I am able to defend the Reformed position:

  • The King James Only Controversy
  • Scripture Alone
  • Calvinism vs Arminianism
  • Justification
  • The Catholic Controversy

I propose that whoever loses this debate immediately withdraw his site from contention for Best Apologetics Blog.