Christianity In England

The Jerusalem Post recently ran an article where they gave some rather startling statistics. Currently in the United Kingdom there are approximately 1,000,000 practicing Christians (no denominational breakdown of what that includes) and about 750,000 practicing Muslims.

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Now it is no great secret that church attendance in the United Kingdom has been plummetting in recent times, but the gravity of the fall is quite shocking. Only one in 58 people (1.7%) consider themselves Christian while a eerily similar number (1.3%) are Muslim. It is incredible just how far England has fallen.

England was once the stronghold of Christianity. When the rest of Europe was united under the pope, England stood apart. For most of modern history the greatest missionaries, song-writers and preachers have come from England. I suppose we cannot expect as many great Christians to arise from the United Kingdom in the near future when so many have turned their back on God and on their godly heritage. What a shame.