Dear Neighbor

Dear neighbor,

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I know that it is sometimes difficult to live in a townhouse. I know we each only have a postage-stamp-sized backyard and that sometimes you can hear us in our house just like we sometimes hear you. I sympathize.

I would like to point something out. We’ve noticed that you have a bad habit that you only indulge on the weekends that your daughters are with their father. You think you’re sneaky about it too – always making sure the dryer is on with a whole lot of fabric softener in it when you head outside. Now I assume you don’t realize this, but marijuana smoke is a much stronger smell than fabric softener. I’ll give you credit for trying, but let me tell you…it’s not working!

Now I really don’t care if you choose to smoke up – you’re a middle-aged adult and by now must know better, but you are your own boss now. I do wonder what your teenage girls would think if they found out and how you would explain it away. But honestly, we both know it’s not even a criminal offense in Canada anymore. What I do care about, though, is when my entire home starts to stink like a frat house! So please, please…do you think you could find some other place to smoke your weed? I’m tired of going up to bed, only to find my room stinking of pot.

I appreciate your consideration in this matter.