Design Updates

At long last and after many promises I have finally changed the color of the site. The background is no longer the red that some people loved while other people despised, but is now a subtle grey pattern. It is not quite as interesting but should be at least somewhat more conducive to reading.

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Those who have read the site for more than a few months will remember the former design which featured a banner displaying a photograph that I changed every couple of weeks. I have brought back the photograph, but this time I am using a rotating banner that uses Macromedia Flash. If you do not have Flash (version 7 or higher) the site should appear just fine, but without the banner. I have decided to add the banner only to the first page of the site (at least for the time being). In theory the banner should not cause too great a strain for those of you who use a dial-up connection as the photographs are downloaded one at a time as they are needed. It is not simply one large file that your browser will need to download.

The software I’ve used in the Flash header is quite powerful and I am hoping that I will eventually be able to provide links to art done by various artists (and Christian artists in particular) in that area.