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Forgive me if I deviate from my usual theological themes to discuss America’s other religion for a moment…

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A weekend like this makes me wonder why I love football so much. Going into this weekend I was cheering for the Rams, Titans, Packers and Chiefs. Incredibly enough, all four of those teams managed to lose their games. How depressing!

Being a Rams fan, I was especially upset to see them lose. It was incredible to watch Mike Martz lose confidence in Mark Bulger to such an extent that he elected to run out the clock and force overtime rather than taking a couple of shots at the end zone. Such things did not happen when Kurt Warner was in the game! Martz made a couple of terrible coaching blunders and Bulger was not sharp. They had chances but time and again came up short (literally in the case of the missed field goal in overtime). It was a game they could and should have won.

The Chiefs are another team I enjoy watching and I hated to see them lose yesterday. Their defense may as well not have bothered as they were completely ineffective. The Colts ran roughshod over them the entire game and it was only with some great offensive power that the Chiefs managed to stay in the game. Priest Holmes was his usual spectacular self and Tony Gonzalez was a consistent receiver. Unfortunately he was the only consistent one as Kennison, Boerigter and Morton all had some terrible and costly drops.

As for the Titans and Packers, I do not so much like them as hate the teams they were playing against. But they too let me down.

At the end of it all I guess I can say that although my teams all lost, it was a wildly entertaining weekend of football – probably the best weekend of football I can remember. I think I’ll root for the Colts from here on in. As long as the Eagles don’t win the Superbowl I’ll be okay.