Grammy Awards

The Grammy Awards are underway as I write this. I couldn’t really care less about the show since the only two categories I really care about were given out in the pre-telecast portion of the show.

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The winner of the Rock Gospel Album was Audio Adrenaline for Worldwide. It just so happens I picked this album up last week and am actually quite impressed with it. Petra’s album was probably slightly better, but Worldwide was good too, so I think this was a fair award. Of course the best rock album of the year, Switchfoot’s The Beautiful Letdown was not even nominated, so it hardly matters who won.

The Best Pop/Contemporary Gospel Album went to Michael W. Smith for Worship Again. This is ridiculous as it contained only three or four original songs and all the best ones were written and previously recorded by other people. This is like giving out an award for an album where an artist only covers other people’s songs. Again, the best album from the last year was not even nominated (Derek Webb’s She Must And Shall Go Free).

So congrats to Audio Adrenaline for an award they possibly deserved based on the albums that got nominated and congrats to Smitty for picking up an award, even though you he did not deserve it!