I’m Back!

I have returned from my brief weekend excursion and am back in the comfort of my own home. I have long been what my mother would call a “home body” so I am always happy to come home to my office, my couch and best of all, my family. Of course I had a very enjoyable weekend and was treated to some very good speeches and lots of wonderful company. I met all sorts of people I had seen around and about the church but had never had time, opportunity or (to my shame) inclination to meet. And, as always seems to be the way, I got far too little sleep and am currently operating at a drastically reduced intellectual capacity. This could post a problem as I intend to lead a Bible study this evening, but I will hope, pray and trust for the best.

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I’ll be back online tomorrow and, after a good night’s sleep, will hopefully have something both intelligent and intelligible to share with you.