Launch Day

In the past 24 hours I have been able to launch two new Web sites. I love launching new sites. Often I have worked on them for hundreds of hours and have toiled over tiny pieces of code for days or even weeks. But then I get to launch them, see the final product, and of course, get paid!

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The first site is Convertec, a communications solutions company that develops software for Norstar phone systems. I had developed several possible designs for this site before I came up with what you see here. I am absolutely thrilled with the final product and regard it as one of my favorite designs. The client had me make a few changes that I wasn’t thrilled about from a aesthetic standpoint, but he really wanted to keep pages short, so I had to make some concessions. In the end I think it’s quite an effective site and should serve them well.

The second site is CD Rack Shoppe, a site that sells CD, DVD and Multimedia storage solutions. I have worked with the owners of this store for several years now and this is the third full-size project I have helped them with. You may recognize the design as I made a blog template with very similar colors for a friend. This site did not come together exactly as I had imagined, but there were some limitations in the shopping cart system that kept me from adding some pretty cool bells and whistles. Still, it is an attractive and different design and should serve them well in a competitive marketplace.

I have one more site I am hoping to launch this week. After that I get to start a whole new batch of projects.

And incidentally, I will probably be offering some new blog templates to the public over the next few weeks. I am hoping to barter some designs for a few books from my Amazon wish list. I need to support my habits somehow!