Live 8

Live 8 only just barely registered on my radar screen. My apathy towards the event is, well, pretty well complete. But some people in the blogosphere have had good things to say.

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Phil Johnson says, “Do sane people really think Western materialism, self-conceit, and celebrity-worship can be leveraged to solve the problem of African poverty?” Apparently they do. For one day overpaid, oversexed and overwhelmingly arrogant people get together to scold us for not doing all we can do to combat poverty. They snap their fingers every three seconds to remind us that a child in Africa dies of povery every three seconds. I didn’t realize anyone died of poverty, but apparently that’s what Will Smith would have us believe. Good-looking people go on camera to bemoan the fact that we do so little. Then they climb back into their private jets and go back their multi-million dollar homes, content in their love for humanity. It’s pathetic. And I’m still apathetic.

The guys over at Junkyard blog chime in as well.

It seems that I seldom agree with Bill Hybels. But in Courageous Leadership he talks about his growing conviction that “the church of Jesus Christ is the hope for the world.” Bingo. Not rockstars. Not rappers. Not extravagent concerts held every two decades. The hope for the world is in the power of God working through His people. Want to change the world? Good. Then go and be the church. Be the body of Christ and watch the world change.