Name That Site!

I am plotting out a new web site that will deal with reviews of all types of Christian material – books (fiction and non-fiction, kids and adults), music, DVDs and just about anything else the Christian companies push out these days. It will be a little bit like the Diet of Bookworms but each product will have only one review instead of multiple reviews. I will be seeking out people to write reviews for it. I guess it will be a bit like a magazine or other publication in that regard.

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Anyways, I am looking for a name for this site. I’d like to poll the public (that’s you) for a name. If you have any suggestions, please check with Whois to see if they are already registered. If not, go ahead and post them. If I choose your name I may reach into my grab-bag of wild and cool books and send you something.

The name either has to be “cool” or somehow relate to the subject matter. It cannot say “book” or “DVD” since the site will service a wide variety of media. Remember: Amazon, Yahoo, Google – they are all wildly successful even though their names have nothing to do with what they offer or sell. Visted recently? Didn’t think so. Me neither. So feel free to think outside the box!