Papal Miscellania

Anne Catherine Emmerich, who may just be nominated for a Grammy award for writing the screenplay for The Passion of the Christ is due to be beatified on October 3. This, of course, is a step on the road to canonization (ie being declared a saint). I wonder if she was ever considered for this “honor” before she became so popular on the heels of Gibson’s film. I am guessing the answer is “no.”

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While we’re on the subject of the pope, it seems President Bush saw fit to award the pope the Presidential Medal of Freedom. The citation with the medal said “A devoted servant of God, His Holiness Pope John Paul II has championed the cause of the poor, the weak, the hungry, and the outcast. He has defended the unique dignity of every life, and the goodness of all life. … The United States honors this son of Poland who became the Bishop of Rome and a hero of our time.” President Bush presented the award “on behalf of the American people.” No word on whether we can expect to see the pope wearing the medal in public.

Fortunately, as a Canadian, the medal was not presented to him on my behalf.