Question For BlogExplosion Surfers (Updated)

New poll for November 12!

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First off, allow me to extend my condolences that you did not receive any mystery credits on that last click. Instead you ended up here, for which I am profoundly apologetic.

But while we have a few seconds together (it seems unlikely this will be more than a 30-second visit), allow me to ask you a question.

[poll removed]

In a previous poll I asked how many of the sites that BlogExplosion users click through they actually read. Almost 200 people chimed in. Here are the results:

  • 2.8% admitted to reading none of them.
  • 45.6% said they read the occassional one.
  • 51.4% said they read almost every one.

Those seem like pretty good results for me. It means that the majority of people who come to a site through BlogExplosion are at least sticking around to read a bit of the content.