Reformation Study Bible

I just received a letter from Sola Scriptura Publishing that contained joyous news. The Reformation Study Bible, previously known as The New Geneva Study Bible is back in print and will be available in English Standard Version as of March 2005. It was edited by R.C. Sproul and contributors included J.I. Packer, Wayne Grudem and James Boice, some of the finest Reformed scholars around. It had been supplanted by the Spirit of the Reformation Study Bible, which while a great study tool, was available only in the NIV translation – something that was a bit odd for a Bible aimed specifically at Reformed people who generally prefer a more literal translation. I coveted the confessions and catechisms this version contrained but could not bring myself to spend the money on an NIV.

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I have long treasured my New Geneva Study Bible which we received as a wedding present from our church, but lately have been intruiged by the ESV. A few weeks ago in home church I was shocked to find that my Bible contained a whole passage that was not in anyone else’s translation. While I do like the New King James, I really do want to move to the ESV, a translation I have come to respect very much. So now the question becomes do I want to spend $60 (Canadian) on the hardcover version of this new Bible? Fortunately my birthday is a few days away and Christmas follows soon after. And now I’ll have to wait until March to actually get it into my hands!

The Reformation Study Bible is already listed on Amazon and you can see it here. Don’t ask me how they have reviews for it already (or I’d have to guess they are based on the older, NKJV version…).