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Saturday Ramblings

I sent out the topic for next week’s BlogSwap. If you indicated an interest in participating you should have received it. If you did not, please let me know ASAP and I’ll send it your way. Next week we’ll have an open topic so people can write about whatever they like. I look forward to seeing what people come up with!

Matt Hall had a link to an article that appeared in the New York Times which described a woman’s decision to abort two of her triplets. The most amazing thing about the article was her cavalier attitude towards murdering her own children. “I looked at Peter and asked the doctor: ”Is it possible to get rid of one of them? Or two of them?” The obstetrician wasn’t an expert in selective reduction, but she knew that with a shot of potassium chloride you could eliminate one or more.” Her reasons for not having triplets were purely selfish: she didn’t want to have to stop flying, she didn’t want to be confined to bed, she didn’t want to suffer from morning sickness and so on. She concludes with these words: “I had a boy, and everything is fine. But thinking about becoming pregnant again is terrifying. Am I going to have quintuplets? I would do the same thing if I had triplets again, but if I had twins, I would probably have twins. Then again, I don’t know.”

Matt’s take is:

Pro-lifers, particularly Christians, need to get realistic about the opposing viewpoint. The debate is not primarily a scientific one (“When does human life begin?”), but a moral/ethical one (“Is it wrong to end innocent life?”). Christians should certainly pray that laws would be enacted protecting the unborn, but mere legislation will not make the difference in our culture. When someone can look at three heartbeats and choose to bring two of them to a stop – such depravity will only be conquered by the gospel.

If you’d like to read the article (you need to register to access the site), take a deep breath and click here. I pretty well guarantee you’ll feel your blood start to boil as you read it.

The Olympics begin soon and the Canadian Olympic Committee has chosen its flag-bearer. Naturally he is a Quebecer, and what’s more, a few years ago he voted for his province to seperate from Canada when a referendum was held several years ago. How they can justify letting this guy hold the flag is just beyond me! He’ll carry the flag and then vote to seperate again next time there is a vote on the issue.

Is it wrong to covet a Bible? The Spirit of the Reformation Bible has caught my eye and looks awfully interesting. It is an updated version of the Reformation Study Bible (previously known as the New Geneva Study Bible). It includes most of the historical Reformed documents such as Westminster Confession, Westminster Shorter Catechism, Westminster Larger Catechism, Heidelberg Catechism, Belgic Confession, and the Canons of Dort. And what’s more, these documents are cross-referenced throughout the text. It sounds like it is a great Reformed reference tool. The only downside to it, it seems, is that they only have it in the NIV. Since I generally stick to the NKJV that is a bit of a problem for me, but I suppose I could learn to live with it. I may have to start saving my pennies and my dimes to get one of these.

That’s it for today. I’m heading out to enjoy the sun on this last day of vacation…

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