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Saturday Ramblings

It seems that the site has made a successful migration to the new server. It took some doing, but I think it is all here. Last night I had to copy over the database which stores all the articles I have written, as well as the thousands of comments from the original commenting system. That added up to some 8,000 lines of code (MySQL if you care to know). The database for the forum software was much larger, surprisingly. It weighed in at close to 80,000 lines of code and took a lot longer to move over. phpbb has some ridiculous system of indexing all the words in the forum for search purposes and it makes for a particularly large database. Anyways, it’s all here now and hopefully I can now move full-steam ahead.

I took the family apple-picking this morning. We travelled about a half hour north of Oakville and found an orchard that offered a good variety of apples. There is some new variety called something like Jonagold which are simply delicious. I believe it’s a hybrid between the Golden Delicious (which is juicy and crispy) and the Jonathan (which has a tart-sweet taste) so it is just amazing. We picked a bunch of those for eating, got a few Red Delicious since Aileen prefers them and a good number of Mutsos for cooking. We’ll be cutting and cooking later, making up some pies and apple crisps. Let me tell you…there are few pleasures in life so great as eating a cold, crisp apple directly off the tree.

Last night I watched the documentary Super-Size Me which is an exposee of the American fast food culture. It was quite an enjoyable and informative documentary, though I have learned to take all such programming with a grain of salt. The premise of this film is that the author is going to eat nothing but McDonald’s for 30 days. Prior to doing this he goes to a bunch of doctors and dieticians to get a “measure” of his health. Then he begins to eat fast food. 30 days later, as one would expect, he has put on plenty of weight. More surprising were the other impacts on his health. While the whole thing is a bit articifial, since no one is really going to eat every meal at the golden arches for 30 days straight, it is still quite fascinating. The interplay between him and his militiantly vegan girlfriend is interesting as well. If you see it on DVD be sure to check out the extra segment which shows how McDonald’s fries will not go mouldy or even change in appearance even after two months of sitting in a jar. Incidentally, the film had 3 or 4 unnecessary vulgar words and one rather frank discussion of sexuality (which was all part of the experiment), so be warned.

Anyways, I have bags of apples awaiting my attention, so am going to head up and begin peeling, cutting, and so on.

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