Sick Day

As you may know, I run my own business. Most self-employed people will nod knowingly when I say that this rarely gives me opportunity to take sick days. Back when I worked a real, salaried job I had 10 or 15 sick days every year, but now that I am self-employed, my ability to pay bills is directly proportional to my ability to work the necessary number of hours. Thus taking time off is really taking potential money out of my pocket.

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I’m sick today. Actually, everyone in the family is sick today. My daughter has a fever of 102 and was up in the night, my son has an ear infection, I’m 24 hours into a whopper of a cold and my wife seems to have a delightful combination of all of the above. So while I am still working, I am simply incapable of doing the research I need to in order to write my post on the inerrancy of Scripture. Thus I hope to bring you that post tomorrow. I am taking a blogging (or researching, anyways) sick day!