Spam-Proof Your Email Address

Spam is annoying. Really annoying. What is especially annoying is when you post your email address on your web site and those spammers send their bots to automatically glean your site and scrape all those addresses into their ever-growing databases. We all hate it. What I see more and more often these days is people posting little work-arounds like “myname att challies dott com”. That is not terribly effective. Plus, ideally, we’d like people to be able to just click on the link and have Outlook or another mail program open up. I think I have found a solution. Or, to give credit where credit is due, I think my friend Dave has found a solution. A simple little JavaScript seems to keep those programs from automatically finding your address…

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[Update: I don’t use this method anymore. For more on it and alternatives read Nine ways to obfuscate e-mail addresses compared.]