Sunday Ramblings

Dan Edelen, because of his burning anger stemming from the article I wrote about Pyromarketing, has launched into a series about The Christian and the Business World. He is four or five articles into the series and so far so good.

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I was only kidding about the burning anger. The truth is, he mentioned that he had written a lengthy response to the article but had waited long enough to post it that he felt it was no longer relevant. So I encouraged him to try again, and that is where this series has come from.

Phil Johnson, who is the flavor of the week (or month) in the Christian blogosphere (and who just turned a year older) posted some words written by Gresham Machen over 80 years ago. They are still fitting today. “What a splendid cleaning up of the Gentile cities it would have been if the Judaizers had succeeded in extending to those cities the observance of the Mosaic law … Surely Paul ought to have made common cause with teachers who were so nearly in agreement with him; surely he ought to have applied to them the great principle of Christian unity. As a matter of fact, however, Paul did nothing of the kind; and only because he (and others) did nothing of the kind does the Christian Church exist to-day . Paul certainly was right. The difference which divided him from the Judaizers was no mere theological subtlety, but concerned the very heart and core of the religion of Christ.” And hey, Phil, instead of putting that picture in a column and then confining your article to a narrow little column, how’s about putting it all in one column and using align=”right” within your img tag? That will wrap the text for you.

It’s a big week (or two) for Justin Taylor. He and his wife adopted Malachi Xavier Taylor on June 9, 2005. He was born just two days earlier. And in just a few days, Sex and The Supremacy of Christ, which Justin edited, will be hitting the shelves. I am 160 pages into the book and hope to finish it off this afternoon. Anyways, congratulations to Justin on both accounts. You can congratulate him yourself right here.

Attention Publishers: John Schroeder who runs Blogotional, is buying a book because I reviewed it positively. Here is the evidence. You know what to do – send me your books!

And finally, you may already have heard, but Ken Taylor died this week. He is best-known for authoring The Living Bible. In my family he is best-known for authoring The Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes, which we have read many times with my children. Phil Johnson reflects here.