Book Covers: A New Contest

Yesterday we had some fun with the First Three Lines contest. I had anticipated low participation and low accuracy. It turns out that a whole lot of people sent in their answers and fully 34 of them got all of the answers correct. Most of these confessed to having harnessed the power of Google to do so. I knew that Google would come into play but hadn’t thought that all fifteen quotes were available out there. Lesson learned! However, since I did not forbid Google use, it was all above board. From the 34 winners I used a random integer generator to choose the sixth one I received—and that belonged to Derek Brown. He wins the $50 gift certificate to Westminster Books. If you’d like to check your answers, I’ve posted them in a comment in that article.

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Today I will try to even the field a little bit. This contest is a little more Google-proof. You may use Google, but I think you’ll find it more difficult to do so successfully.

Here we have a selection of book covers—not full covers, but merely a piece from each of them. There are twenty covers and three bonuses at the end. Your task is to identify the title of each of the books and to send me an email with your answers (please do not post answers in the comments). Please give the email a subject of “Book Cover Contest.” Once again, the person who correctly identifies the greatest number will win (and, if there are multiple winners, one will be chosen randomly). I do not think we’ll have so many people correctly identify all of them, so send along even a partial list if that’s the best you can do!

The prize is a $50 gift certificate for Westminster Books and the contest will close tomorrow at 9 AM. Have fun!

And, just for kicks, here are three bonus books. These are general market titles rather than Christian titles.