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You and You Alone is a recent CD release from Sovereign Grace Ministries’ “Overflow Series.” The CD features songs written and performed by Pat Sczebel and his son Joel. It just so happens that I’ve got fifty copies of the CD to give away to bloggers. All Sovereign Grace asks is that if you request a copy of the CD, you think about writing a brief review or consider otherwise mentioning it on your blog.

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Here is what Sovereign Grace Ministries says about the album.

From the exuberance of “Over All” to the quiet confidence of “I Surrender All,” You and You Alone introduces ten new songs by songwriter and pastor Pat Sczebel and his son Joel. Pat and Joel are based in CrossWay Community Church in Surrey, British Columbia.

You and You Alone is the fifth CD in Overflow, a series featuring new songs emerging from songwriters within the Sovereign Grace family of churches. Although these CDs are produced by local churches, the goal is the same: to provide the church with songs that encourage passionate, biblically informed, Christ-glorifying worship.

Each Overflow release is an enhanced CD containing lead sheets and guitar sheets in PDF format.

If you have a blog and if you are willing to listen to the CD with a view to mentioning it or reviewing it on your blog, send an email with your name and mailing address to [email protected] He will send the CD your way!