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Free Stuff Fridays

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It’s Friday and that means I’ve got another Free Stuff Fridays for you. This week’s sponsor is Ligonier Ministries which I’m sure you know primarily as the teaching ministry of R.C. Sproul. Everyone knows that Dr. Sproul has written many, many books over his career (60 titles and counting). What you may not know is that he was written several books targeted at children. And today we are giving out all four of the ones he has written. They are:

  • The Prince’s Poison Cup – In this work, Sproul focuses on the atonement to show that Jesus had to endure the curse of sin in order to redeem His people from their spiritual death.
  • The Lightlings – Sproul weaves an allegorical tale that captures the essence of the biblical story of redemption in a manner that will fascinate and delight children. A race of tiny beings known as lightlings are a picture of humanity as they pass through all the stages of the biblical drama – creation, fall, and redemption.
  • The Priest with Dirty Clothes – This book tells the story of a mud-covered priest who can only find cleansing from the Great Prince who offers “new clothes for the heart.”
  • The King Without A Shadow – A book for children highlighting through a simple story of a boy and his dog, the holiness of God.

Four winners will receive each of these four books.

Sproul Books

Rules: You may only enter the draw once. Simply fill out your name and email address to enter the draw. As soon as the winners have been chosen, all names and addresses will be immediately and permanently erased. Winners will be notified by email. The giveaway closes Saturday at 10 AM.