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Free Stuff Fridays (Banner of Truth)

This week’s Free Stuff Friday is sponsored by Banner of Truth. If you enter, one of you will be chosen to receive a copy of all the following new titles from the Banner (an over $350 value):

Christmas Thoughts, J. C. Ryle

Christmas, and New Year, are excellent moments to pause and reflect—J. C. Ryle urges us, through 5 popular Christmas tracts, to make time to consider our spiritual state and our future, when all our Christmases are past.

Sermons on Job (3 volumes), John Calvin

It was said of Calvin that he became a theologian to be a better pastor. Nowhere is that clearer than in the 159 sermons he preached on Job – here translated into modern, colorful, and vigorous English.

Words from the Cross, Ian Hamilton

Jesus’ seven expiring words of grace and hope are explored in their wider biblical context and significance to the believer. Short chapters help us reflect on the love of God devote all we are to our Savior.

How do You Read the Bible, J.C.Ryle

To have a Bible is good, but happy is the one who not only has a Bible but who reads it, obeys it, and makes it the rule of one’s faith and practice! Ryle explains why we ought to value the Bible highly, to study it regularly, and know its contents.

The Upper Room, J. C. Ryle

Toward the end of his life, Ryle was concerned that his remaining important work should be preserved in print. All these short works exhibit his robust evangelical doctrine, down-to earth application, and reliable advice, grounded in Biblical principles.

The Gospel According to Christ’s Enemies, David Randall

Jesus had critics and enemies who sought to discredit him and trap him but their attacks gave rise to opportunities. David Randall investigates attacks both in Scripture and from contemporary society that express truths their antagonists did not intend.

Theodore Beza, Henry Martyn Baird

Bezas’ friendships with Calvin and French king, Henry IV, ensured his significance in both church and state. In this new edition of Baird’s biography we discover a model of faithfulness under duress facing theological error and opposition.

The Works of William Bridge (5 volumes)

Bridge was a co-pastor of a church with Jeremiah Burroughs before being appointed a member of the Westminster Assembly. Later ejected from his church in Norfolk during the purge of non-conformists in 1662, he is particularly known in his writing for his pastoral love.


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