Ligonier Giveaway Winners

The Ligonier Conference Giveaway I announced on Wednesday has now closed and the winners have been chosen. Each of the prizes is an admission pass to the conference (or, if a person entering the contest wished to take his or her spouse, a pair of passes).

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A word about methodology for choosing the winners. As the emails came in, I added them to a folder in my inbox. After the contest closed I counted how many emails I had received. I then ran a small script that chose randomly from this list of numbers. I chose winners based on these numbers (so if the script chose number 52, I counted down to the 52nd entry I received).

And in this way I arrived at four winners. They are: Tim Ake, David Willis, and John Rabe with his wife (I’m sure she has a name but John did not include it in his email). I have contacted each of these people via email.

Thanks to all who entered. I hope you will still consider attending the conference and I will look forward to meeting you down in sunny Orlando.