The Basics Conference

I am off to Cleveland in about fifteen minutes. I’ll be attending The Basics Conference which is held at Parkside Church (which is, of course, pastored by Alistair Begg). Cleveland is somewhere around five hours away by car so I decided to drive rather than fly. I will be there until the conference wraps up Wednesday at around noon.

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If you could remember me in prayer, I’d be grateful. Not only would do I ask for traveling mercies, but I’m also leading a seminar (twice) and, since this is one of my first forays into speaking at one of these seminars, would ask that you seek God’s blessing on my behalf. I’m not a natural public speaker so this is definitely a bit of a stretch for me. I know the subject matter and know what I want to say, but really do want to say it in a way that is most helpful.

Check in later this afternoon or evening and I’ll begin to provide updates.